To Create an Advanced Brand of Ceramic Tile Industry
We are a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales and output of supporting production technology of ceramic tile facing decoration materials. We have strong economic strength and research and development strength. Take technology as the foundation and pursue continuous innovation.
Researchers are involved in biomaterials, polymer composite materials, inorganic materials, organic materials, color matching, testing, process guidance and other fields, and they have the R&D strength to independently develop various new materials.
Tile Merits
Natural Waterproof
Easy Installation
Tile has the natural characteristics of waterproofing, not easy to pulverize, and has its own color. It also has high cohesiveness. It can self-polymerize into a three-dimensional cross-linked structure, plus the toughening effect of natural plant fibers. , Formed the excellent characteristics of Wanzhuo Ecological Soft Porcelain that it is natural waterproof, never chalking, and the color will last forever.
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